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Buy Used Automobiles "Nearly New" - Current or Prior Year Models
With Full Factory Warranties
Saving You Thousands of Dollars

The Earley Fleet Auto Purchase Program has one purpose, to save you as much money as possible by providing an avenue to buy "Nearly New" cars, current and prior year automobiles, with full factory warranties, from the same sources a car dealer does, but at a significantly lower cost.

Typically the Earley Fleet program enables used car buyers to save thousands of dollars. We purchase the desired automobile specifically for each customer and deliver the car to him or her at wholesale auction prices plus a fixed fee of $1200, which includes our $600 procurement fee and $600 destination charge.


You don't pay us, until your car is delivered, and you are 100% satisfied with your
new automobile, and the price we got it for!


How can Earley Fleet offer you such incredible savings?

The answer is in the way we do business. Please keep in mind that a "Brand New" Automobile when purchased from a car dealership's lot, rapidly depreciates in value, 32% the first year, most of which occurs in the first 24 hours of ownership. That fact alone is why "Nearly New" cars are the #1 cars retailed in the USA.

So now you know, the minute you drive a new automobile off the dealer's lot, it has lost a significant amount of value, because it is no longer a "New" car .

Earley Fleet's "Nearly New" cars usually cannot be distinguished from that new car, but you do not pay the "New Car Premium"!


Our motto at Earley Fleet is: "If you can't tell the difference - why pay the difference!"


The second reason for Earley Fleet's low price is that we do not have the "overhead" expenses of a typical car dealer. The Internet and your Union or Credit Union's bulletins and newsletters are our showroom. We do not buy a lot of expensive advertising or pay salespeople's salaries, huge electric bills, and property taxes. Earley Fleet also has no inventory to finance because we buy only the cars you order. As you can probably see, the cost savings associated with our way of doing business can be very significant.


Mechanically Sound Vehicles

Virtually any make and model that is available in the market place is potentially yours to purchase. Earley Fleet enables you to buy cars - current and prior year models - with manufacturers warranties still in effect. Normally the cars we buy at Auction for our customers have between 5,000 to 45,000 miles on them. You just pick your model, year, color, and options and we will get it for you!

Factory Warranty

Earley Fleet delivers your car directly to you - easy and convenient - with full manufacturer's warranty. All vehicles purchased will be conveyed with the balance of the original factory warranties.

Earley Fleet's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Earley Fleet aquires current or previous year models placed for auction at Manheim's Auto Auctions in Florida. Many of the cars have 90 days of service or less as executive cars, national car rental agencies and some are overstocks from the manufacturers or dealers, possibly with as little as 10-20 miles.

Earley Fleet guarantees that the cars have no mechanical defects, have not been involved in an accident, flood, or fire, and are not recovered stolen cars. The mileage on these "Green Light" automobiles is guaranteed to be accurate and all remaining manufacturer's warranty is conveyed to the buyer. Sometimes, "slightly less" new cars are available and can be even better values. Especially today, there are many excellent automobiles being returned from 2 year leases, and for that reason, we will selectively make these available to you.

Best of all, you don't pay us, until your car is delivered, and you are 100% satisfied with your new car, and the price we got it for!

Delivery Service Direct to Your Door

We will deliver your car directly to the destination you specify! Although we expect most people to be thrilled with the cars we deliver, however if for any reason you are not satisfied with your car at delivery, you can refuse to accept it and reorder. Your complete 100% satisfaction is our goal!

Please take a few minutes to browse the rest of our website. You can view a great selection of models by clicking here. We recommend you read all the details about the car you are considering, before ordering it. Several excellent resources for learning about cars and car buying can be found on our "Car Info Links" page. Plus, we recommend viewing the Kelley Blue Book site for a comparison pricing to see how much Earley Fleet can save you.


Earley Fleet provides top-notch Quality Automobiles at Affordable Prices,
Great Customer Support, a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee,


Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Earley Fleet has established business relationships with many customers that will last a lifetime!


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